Our specialist also provides primary care play the role of GP. In Panamedic get immediate medical attention in states of high fewer , cold , flu, pneumonia, bronchitis and food poisonig. We provide antibiotic treatment. We issue a referral to hospital, a certificate of health and sick leave from work.

IMG_20150121_222717Dr Luise Rear-Piwkowska

A graduate of the Medical University of Wroclaw. She got two specializations of Paediatritian and General Practice Doctor





  • diagnosis and treatment of children of all ages and of adults
  • research and balances neonatal infants and older children
  • nutrition advice infants and children with food allergy
  • assistance in the state of high fever , colds, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, food poisoning
  • antibiotic treatments
  • medical care for children and adults, ECG

Prices :

  • Consultation £70


We accept credit cards VISA and MASTER CARD